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Get File Size 3.0

GetFileSize allows you to retrieve the size of a file before downloading it
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Get File size is a program that checks the size of a file before you download it, either as a plug-in for your web browser, that is added to the right click menu in the supported Web browsers (Internet Explorer 5.5 and higher, IE-based browsers such as Avant, Maxthon, etc., and Opera) or as a standalone application.

Once installed it is very easy to use, you simply click on the link with the right mouse button and select GetFileSize. The program will inform you about file size and last modification. As a standalone application, you only have to enter the download URL (right click on the link and select 'link path copy' or equivalent, and paste it in the 'URL:' Get File Size and click on the button 'Get!. In both cases, you will receive complete information about the file to download after a few seconds, which includes name, size in bytes, KB and MB (also, retrieves image dimensions), type, last modification date, if file allows download resume, response time, and estimated download time. If you select the 'Details...' button, it shows the 'Server Response Headers' window, which contains detailed information about the host server.

Also works with FTP servers, and It is a good choice to know detailed information before download a file.

Works in Windows 98, ME, NT SP6, 2000, XP, and Server 2003

Sergio A. Durán
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